How to Use Technology to Enhance Your Yoga Practice

How to Use Technology to Enhance Your Yoga Practice
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As the world evolves, two paths have emerged that appear to be seemingly irreconcilable. There are those who are moving forward through science and technology, and others who are seeking ancient wisdom and inner experience. In light of these two viewpoints, however, a third path has emerged.

There are a number of people who are desperately trying to find balance between an advancing technological world and the serenity of a life focused on consciousness and awareness. Thankfully, this is a time when the divide between the old, beneficial practices and current advancements in yoga is disappearing.

For yoga enthusiasts, there have been several products introduced to the market which intend to enhance your practice through technology. Aside from apps and websites dedicated to yoga, there are hardware devices which can also help you. Here are a few technological advances that are making waves within the yogi community. Even though some of these products haven’t been released yet, their development is promising for the future of the yogic lifestyle and consciousness-based medicine.

Techy Yoga Clothes

One of the mergers between yoga and technology has been the creation of interactive clothing. A few innovative companies are weaving sensors into common garments, such as yoga pants, shirts, and even shoe inserts, to give you feedback about your body and positioning. These clothes are designed to be paired with a corresponding app on your smartphone or tablet, which receives and translates the data for your use. Some of the more ambitious brands go so far as to actually give you guidance about your practice.

For example, Wearable X has launched their Nadi X yoga pants, which provide gentle vibration during your yoga flow to let you know when you are out of alignment. Imagine the progress you could make in your at-home practice if your yoga pants “told” you where your imbalances are. The Nadi X can be pre-ordered via their website and is scheduled to ship as early as August 2017.

Another upcoming release is Move by Electricfoxy, an app which will allow you to:

  • Set specific goals
  • Challenge friends
  • Share progress

Move also uses sensations from your garment to correct inconsistencies in your movements. If this particular product holds up to it promises, you will be able to receive direction from your instructor or other …read more
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