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The Hypnosis Live sessions are incredibly powerful. They use a combination of hypnosis and NLP, for the most powerful impact. NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and uses special follow-along exercises to help positively reprogram your mind.

Their sessions were written and recorded by a highly-qualified hypnotherapist and master NLP practitioner, who combines both of these powerful techniques to create the most powerful possible hypnosis experience.

Using the Hypnosis Live sessions is simple. You just download the MP3 file, play, and follow the instructions. It really doesn’t get any more complicated than that. Try reading our How to Listen page for more information.

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Hypnosis Recordings Available From Hypnosis Live

Photographic Memory Power: Explode Your Powers of Recall, using Hypnosis
Ultra-Fast Learning: Learn What You Need at Lightning Speed, with Hypnosis
Visualization Success: Activate Your Inner Vision, using Hypnosis
Sharper Thinking: Learn to Think Outside the Box, using Hypnosis
Activate Your Genius IQ: Turbo-Charge Your Intelligence, with Hypnosis
Speed Reading Skills: Read Faster & More Accurately, using Hypnosis
Speak with Clarity: Speak Clearly and Confidently Every Time, with Hypnosis
Study Success: Learn Better and Faster, using Hypnosis
Total Focus: Get Limitless Powers of Concentration, using Hypnosis
Remember What You Read: Increase Your Reading Comprehension, using Hypnosis
Learn a Language: Master Languages Effortlessly, using Hypnosis
Whole Brain Thinking: Unlock Your Brain’s Full Potential, using Hypnosis
Become More Creative: Unleash Your Imagination, using Hypnosis
Keep Your Mind Active: Give Your Brain a Workout, with Hypnosis
Attitude of Gratitude: Be Grateful for What You Have, with Hypnosis
Achieve Your Goals: Reach & Exceed Any Targets, using Hypnosis
Be Insanely Productive: Get More Things Done, using Hypnosis
Let Go of Limiting Beliefs: Erase Negative Programming, using Hypnosis
Get Motivated and End Procrastination: Stop Putting Things Off and Get Stuff Done, with Hypnosis
Self-Esteem Booster: Rocket Your Sense of Self Worth, with Hypnosis
Get Super Organized: Put More Order in Your Life, with Hypnosis
Declutter Your Mind: Organize Your Brain More, with Hypnosis
Install Self-Discipline: Total Self-Control in Minutes, using Hypnosis
Be More Assertive: Get What You Want and Be Counted, with Hypnosis
Develop Inner Courage: Bring Out Your Bravery, with Hypnosis
Be More Patient: Learn to be Tolerant, with Hypnosis
Be More Spontaneous: Dare To Act Impulsively, with Hypnosis
Accept Criticism: Let Faults Lead You to Success, using Hypnosis
Let Go of Your Past: Get Rid of Emotional Baggage, using Hypnosis
Be Emotionally Strong: Manage Your Feelings, using Hypnosis
Stop Being Insecure: Alleviate All Your Apprehensions, with Hypnosis
Control Your Emotions: Learn to Manage Your Feelings, using Hypnosis
Dissolve Anger: Stay Calm and Emotionally Stable, using Hypnosis
Express Feelings More: Learn to Open Your Heart, with Hypnosis
Get Over a Relationship: Recover from Your Breakup, with Hypnosis
Forgive for Good: Let Bygones Be Bygones, with Hypnosis
Get Rid of Guilt: Banish Feelings of Blame, using Hypnosis
Overcome Jealousy: Conquer the Green Eyed Monster, using Hypnosis
Fear of Commitment: Give Openly of Yourself, with Hypnosis
Learn to Trust Again: Find the Strength to Rely on Others, with Hypnosis
Coping with Grief: Soothe Your Sorrows the Natural Way, with Hypnosis
Deliver Bad News: Convey Difficult Messages Well, with Hypnosis
Fear of Rejection: Learn to Cope with Being Knocked Back, using Hypnosis
Complete Relaxation: Get the Ultimate Chill-Out Experience, with Hypnosis
Dissolve Worry & Anxiety: Wash Away Your Cares & Concerns, with Hypnosis
Eliminate Stress: Train Your Brain to Ease the Strain, using Hypnosis
Fear of Failure: Turn Defeat into Victory, using Hypnosis
Release Any Fear: Free Yourself from Any Phobia, with Hypnosis
Stop Panic Attacks: Fight the Fear that Panic Brings, with Hypnosis
Erase Your Phobia: Free Yourself from Fear, with Hypnosis
Fear of Driving: Feel Confident Behind the Wheel, with Hypnosis
Fear of Success: Truly Believe You Can Achieve, with Hypnosis
Fear of Flying: Take to the Air with Ease & Assurance, using Hypnosis
Fear of Death: Overcome Your Fear of Dying, with Hypnosis
Overcome Agoraphobia: Conquer Crowds and Open Spaces, with Hypnosis
Fear of Heights: Rise Above Your Phobia, with Hypnosis
Fear of Telephone Talking: Talk the Talk with Total Confidence, with Hypnosis
Overcome Claustrophobia: Stay Calm in Confined Spaces, using Hypnosis
Fear of Injections: Banish Your Needle Phobia, with Hypnosis
Fear of Spiders: Say Farewell to Arachnophobia, using Hypnosis
Fear of the Dentist: Deal with Dentists Calmly & Confidently, using Hypnosis
Fear of Vomiting: Learn to Handle Your Vomit Reflex, using Hypnosis
Fear of Blood: Beat the Bodily Fluid Blues, with Hypnosis
Fear of Going Insane: Conquer Your Worries of Insanity, with Hypnosis
Fear of Going Into Hospital: Discharge Your Dread of Hospitals, with Hypnosis
Stop Smoking: Break the Habit to Get Smoke-Free, with Hypnosis
Great Night’s Sleep Every Night: Sleep Well Automatically, with Hypnosis
Depression Relief: Naturally Improve Your Mood, with Hypnosis
Reduce Alcohol Abuse: Banish Booze from Your Life, with Hypnosis
Improved Vision: Enjoy Enhanced Eyesight, using Hypnosis
Boost Your Immune System: Improve Your Body’s Protection Levels, using Hypnosis
Overcome Insomnia: Say Goodnight to Sleepless Nights, with Hypnosis
Pain Management and Relief: Dismiss Your Discomfort, using Hypnosis
Power Nap: Close Your Eyes & Re-energize, using Hypnosis
Lower Your Blood Pressure: Find Relief from Hypertension, using Hypnosis
Turn Down Tinnitus: Get Help for Your Hearing, with Hypnosis
Healthier Every Day: Boost Your Well-Being Naturally, using Hypnosis
Stop Picking Your Skin: Learn to Leave Your Skin Alone, using Hypnosis
Stop Obsessive Thoughts: Feeling Obsessed? Give it a Rest, with Hypnosis
Bounce Back from Burn Out: Regain Your Passion for Working, with Hypnosis
Porn Addiction: Break the Hold Porn Has on you, using Hypnosis
Release Your Addiction: Break Any Addictive Habit, using Hypnosis
Headache & Migraine Relief: Conquer Head Pain Naturally, with Hypnosis
Power Breathing Habits: Make Every Breath Count, with Hypnosis
Stop Nail Biting: Learn to Leave Your Nails Alone, with Hypnosis
Body Dysmorphia: Learn to Love the Way You Look, with Hypnosis
Stop Teeth Grinding: Keep Teeth Healthy & Whole, with Hypnosis
Combat Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Relieve the Stress of IBS, using Hypnosis
No More Shy Bladder: Conquer Nerves and Pee at Will, with Hypnosis
Beat Your Drug Addiction: Become Completely Drug-Free, with Hypnosis
Reduce Allergic Reactions: Squash Your Allergen Sensitivity, using Hypnosis
Stop Your Stutter: Cease Your Stammering, using Hypnosis
Fighting Cancer: Battle Cancer with Confidence, using Hypnosis
Stop Blushing: Keep Embarrassment Off Your Face, with Hypnosis
Stop Excessive Sweating: Keep Perspiration Firmly in Check, using Hypnosis
Hypno Pregnancy & Childbirth: Perfect Pregnancy Preparation, using Hypnosis
Control Your Hay Fever: Alleviate Pollen & Dust Allergies, with Hypnosis
Deal with Baldness: Learn to Handle Having Less Hair, using Hypnosis
Menopause Support: Manage the Symptoms of Menopause, using Hypnosis
Get Over Hypochondria: Conquer Your Fear of Getting Ill, with Hypnosis
Instant Self-Confidence: Enjoy the Self-Belief to Do Anything, using Hypnosis
Positive Thinking: Always Look on the Bright Side, with Hypnosis
Charisma and Rapport Booster: Charm Everyone You Meet, with Hypnosis
Get Funny!: Improve Your Humor and Wit, using Hypnosis
Be the Best You Can Be: Achieve Your True Potential, using Hypnosis
Conversation King: Converse with Anyone, Anywhere, using Hypnosis
Zen Meditation Master: Maximize Your Mental Awareness, using Hypnosis
Feel Happy Now: Enjoy a Sunnier Disposition, with Hypnosis
Reinvent Yourself: Become the Person You Always Wanted to Be, with Hypnosis
Stop Worrying What People Think: Be Yourself & Proud of it, with Hypnosis
Energy Surge: Get More Drive & Feel More Alive, with Hypnosis
Find Your Life Purpose: Discover Your True Destiny, with Hypnosis
Wake Up With Energy: Bounce out of Bed Raring to go, with Hypnosis
Increase Your Intuition: Let Your Instincts Guide You, with Hypnosis
Be More Social: Come Out of Your Shell, with Hypnosis
Dissolve An Inferiority Complex: Eliminate Feelings of Inadequacy, using Hypnosis
Find Your Perfect Partner: Connect with Your Ideal Match, using Hypnosis
Be More Centered: Learn to Stay Calm & Focused, using Hypnosis
End Self-Sabotage: Stop Denying Yourself Opportunities, with Hypnosis
Become a Friendlier Person: Help Other People to Like You, with Hypnosis
Overcome Shyness: Say Goodbye to Being Shy, with Hypnosis
Stop Moaning: Quit Complaining and Start Enjoying Life, with Hypnosis
No More Embarrassment: Avoid Feelings of Shame, with Hypnosis
Stop Arguing: Be Less Confrontational, using Hypnosis
Law of Attraction: Manifest Anything in Your Life, with Hypnosis
Millionaire Mindset: Reap the Benefits of a Wealthy Mentality, with Hypnosis
Wealth Attraction: Attract Abundance Your Way, using Hypnosis
Money Success: Master the Money Mindset, using Hypnosis
Sharp Business Success: Be a Whiz at Any Biz, with Hypnosis
Be a Leader: Take Charge and Show Others the Way, with Hypnosis
Public Speaking Power: Hold Any Audience Totally Spellbound, with Hypnosis
Be a Better Writer: Write with Flair, Confidence & Ease, using Hypnosis
Supercharge Your Singing: Make the Most of Your Singing Voice, with Hypnosis
Pass that Exam!: Ace Any Test, using Hypnosis
Be a Great Guitar Player: Master the Guitar, with Hypnosis
Master Your Musical Instrument: Play Your Instrument Like a Pro, with Hypnosis
Be an Amazing Dancer: Own the Dance Floor, using Hypnosis
Unleash Your Inner Artist: Draw Out Your Artistic Ability, with Hypnosis
Be an Awesome Salesperson: Learn to Close Any Sale, with Hypnosis
Hypnotize Yourself: Change Any Area of Your Life, using Hypnosis
Get That Job!: Land Any Position, with Hypnosis
Overcome Stage Fright: Perform with Power in Any Setting, with Hypnosis
Lucid Dreaming Mastery: Take Control of Your Dreams, using Hypnosis
Dating Success: Become a Dating Dynamo, using Hypnosis
Save More Money: Make Your Dollars & Cents Add Up, using Hypnosis
Think Big: Enjoy Limitless Brain Power, using Hypnosis
Parenting and Family Life Skills: Build a Happy Home Life, using Hypnosis
Prepare for the Big Event: Enjoy a Confident & Successful Big Day, with Hypnosis
Golf Success: Take Your Game Above Par, with Hypnosis
Easy-Going You: Become Super Laid Back, using Hypnosis
Retirement Success: Give Up Your Work – Not Your Life, with Hypnosis
Be Great at Your Sport: Raise Your Game Naturally, with Hypnosis
New Parent Skills: Become an Accomplished Parent, using Hypnosis
Think Yourself Slim: Achieve Your Ideal Weight, using Hypnosis
Exercise Motivator: Feel Compelled to Keep Yourself Fit, using Hypnosis
Virtual Gastric Band: Easily Control Your Eating Habits, using Hypnosis
Speed Up Your Metabolism: Burn Off Fat & Excess Food, with Hypnosis
Hypnotic Face Lift: Roll Back the Years, with Anti-Aging Hypnosis
Your Perfect, Healthy Body: Treat Yourself to Optimum Health, with Hypnosis
Love Healthy Eating: Eat Yourself Well, with Hypnosis
Gain Muscle Mass: Get Pecs to be Proud Of, with Hypnosis
Reduce Sweet Cravings: Say So Long to Sugar, using Hypnosis
Drink More Water: Make Skin Glow with H20, using Hypnosis
Improve Your Posture: Stand Straight & Tall, using Hypnosis
Rock-Hard Erection Power: Stay Strong & Hard Naturally, using Hypnosis
Attract Women: Make Women Want You, using Hypnosis
Male Sexual Performance Enhancer: Take Your Sex Life to the Max, with Hypnosis
Sexual Libido Boost: Quickly Revive Your Sex Drive, with Hypnosis
Perfect Pickup Artist: Seduce Any Woman, with Hypnosis
Feel Sexier and More Seductive: Put Anyone Under Your Spell, with Hypnosis
Masculinity Booster: Reveal the Real Man Inside You, with Hypnosis
Experience Multiple Orgasms: Enjoy the Ecstasy of Sex, with Hypnosis
Stop Premature Ejaculation: Make Sex Last Longer, with Hypnosis
Attract Men: Easily Become a Man Magnet, with Hypnosis
Female Sexual Performance Enhancer: Make Your Sex Life Sizzle, with Hypnosis
Gay Flirting Confidence: Chat Up & Charm Any Man, using Hypnosis
Boost Your Fertility: Increase Your Chances of Pregnancy, with Hypnosis
The Law of Attraction Hypnosis Bundle: Attract the Life you Truly Deserve, with Hypnosis
Sharp Mind Hypnosis Bundle: Enhance Your Intelligence, with Hypnosis
The Multi-Millionaire Hypnosis Bundle: Activate Your Millionaire Mindset, with Hypnosis
Look Great with Hypnosis Bundle: Become a More Attractive Person, with Hypnosis
The Entrepreneur’s Business Hypnosis Bundle: Sow the Seeds of Your Own Success, with Hypnosis
Extreme Confidence Hypnosis Bundle: Discover the Self-Belief to Do ANYTHING, with Hypnosis
Power Student Hypnosis Bundle: Maximize Your Learning Potential, with Hypnosis
Amazing Public Speaking Hypnosis Bundle: Let Your Words Make a Difference, with Hypnosis
Sexual Hypnosis for Men: Get Any Girl You Desire, with Hypnosis
A New You with Hypnosis: Totally Reinvent Yourself, using Hypnosis
The Pickup Artist Hypnosis Bundle: Get Any Girl You Desire, with Hypnosis
The Writer’s Hypnosis Bundle: Unleash the Wordsmith Within, using Hypnosis
The Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis Bundle: Feel those Pounds just Fall Off, with Hypnosis
Powerful Self-Growth with Hypnosis Bundle: Become Your Absolute Best, with Hypnosis
Seize the Day Hypnosis Bundle: Live Life in the Here and Now, with Hypnosis
Gym Body Hypnosis Bundle: Get the Physique You Deserve, with Hypnosis
The #1 Salesperson Hypnosis Bundle: Become a World-Class Selling Machine, using Hypnosis
The Creative Person’s Hypnosis Bundle: Set Your Talent on Fire, with Hypnosis
Burst Out of Depression Hypnosis Bundle: Beat the Blues & Bounce Back, using Hypnosis
The Total Relaxation Hypnosis Bundle: Enjoy Perfect Peace and Blissful Rest, with Hypnosis
The Superior Sleep Hypnosis Bundle: Enjoy Quality Sleep Whenever you need it, with Hypnosis
The Healthy with Hypnosis Bundle: Enjoy More Wellbeing and Vigor, with Hypnosis
Sexual Hypnosis for Women: Unleash Your Sexual Goddess, with Hypnosis
The Career Climber’s Hypnosis Bundle: Reach the Peak in Your Profession, with Hypnosis
Ready for a Relationship Hypnosis Bundle: Find the Partner of Your Dreams, with Hypnosis
Acting Excellence Hypnosis Bundle: Activate Superior Acting Skills, with Hypnosis
Sexual Hypnosis for the Gay Man: Unleash Your Sexual Dynamism, with Hypnosis
Great at Growing Older Hypnosis Bundle: Learn to Grow Old Gracefully, using Hypnosis
The Perfect Parenting Hypnosis Bundle: Become the Perfect Parent, with Hypnosis