Is This You? Struggling With A Scary Challenge? Get Expert Help … From An Ant

Is This You? Struggling With A Scary Challenge? Get Expert Help … From An Ant

Are you struggling with a scary challenge?

Feeling overwhelmed at even the thought of facing it?

Wishing you had a magic wand?

Look no further:

I have expert help close at hand.

I’d never met an elephant before …

Not face to face.

I was overawed.

He had eyelashes to die for!

The longest ever!

But you won’t believe this next bit …

I was amazed when I read this little known fact in the ‘Daily Telegraph’-

Elephants are known to be terrified of ants!

I know …

Sounds highly unlikely but it’s true.

Apparently they can’t stand it when ants swarm up their sensitive trunks, so they avoid any plants where ants will be found.

Scientists have seen this fear as a chance to help save the endangered trees and plants that elephants might damage. Colonies of ants are being introduced to protect vulnerable acacia trees in Africa, and it’s working.

The elephants are keeping well clear.

When I read the article it struck me how powerful being in a ‘colony’ can be.

I wouldn’t have imagined an elephant even noticing ants, let alone fearing them.

Apparently they can smell them!

So here it is …

The expert help I promised you in your struggle with your scary challenge.

Of course, a single ant wouldn’t terrify the elephant.

But hey! Those ants aren’t stupid.

What if … they got together… in a colony?

No problem!

Think about this for a moment …

You’ve set yourself a scary challenge.

You can’t even think about it without huge butterflies scrambling around in your chest.

You keep putting it off.


Because it’s too much for you to even consider on your own.

Unless – and here comes the ant part –

You join a ‘colony’.

Here’re some examples where being part of a ‘colony’ can be invaluable when you’re facing a scary challenge …

1. You want to lose a few pounds for the summer?

No need to try to do it on your own; join a ‘colony’.

Join ‘Weight Watchers’ or ‘Slimming World’.

Ask a friend to come with you, or join an ‘online’ weight loss support forum. Suddenly it’s not so scary!

2. Want to write a novel?

Don’t know where to begin?

You know the answer …

Join a ‘colony’.

Find out about a local writing group.

Join an on-line course.

Start a ‘colony’ of beginner writers.

Less scary now?

3. You want to make new friends but lack confidence?

Yes … join a ‘colony’.

Approach new mums/dads at the school gates. Invite them for coffee. Volunteer to help in school.

Look in shop windows for events advertised where you can meet like-minded people.

A choir? Drama group? Church? Evening class? A book group?

No so scared now?

4. You want to learn ballroom dancing?

Or a zumba class?

Or a gym?

Same advice … join a ‘colony’.

Find out where the classes are held. Ask a friend to go with you.

No problem.

5. You want to travel to India?

It still applies …

Research travel companies who specialise in single travellers, travelling in groups.

Talk to others who’ve been to India.

Collect as much information as you can.

You can’t make a decision without information.

Suddenly you realise that travelling to India is no problem, if you join that ‘colony’…

6. You want to go snorkeling?

I once had the opportunity to do this. …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison