The time has come to make a decision, because humanity as a collective is nearing the end of its ability to continue on as it has been. We are heading into a box canyon.

From the effects of global warming (Harvey is clearly one of them) to the threat of nuclear catastrophe (the standoff between North Korea and the rest of the world), from the global economic uncertainties created by Brexit and other spreading tribal nationalistic tendencies to the global migration crisis created by millions of refugees fleeing war-torn and terrorist-dominated countries, from the deadly fallout of religious fanaticism to the social fallout of racist fanaticism, it is clear that our species is headed in the wrong direction on virtually every front.

The problem is, we don’t know how to change course. That is, our leaders don’t.

That isn’t meant to be a Doomsday Warning, just a Word to The Wise. We have to change course here, and the fastest way we can do it is to change our understandings about Who We Are. As a species, I mean.

That’s the decision we’re now being invited to make. Are we ready to change our mind about our identity, and make a firm and final decision about it?

I’m sure I don’t have to point out that countless lives would be saved if our species simply dropped all behaviors that arose from the notion that we are separate from each other. (And, for that matter, from that aspect of life in the universe that some of us call “God”.)

I often imagine how life would be on this planet if we all simply acted as if there is no separation between us—that it really is true that what I do for you, I do for me, and what I fail to do for you, I fail to do for me. The political, economic, and social ramifications of that single idea are staggering. With the on-the-ground implementation of such a thought, all of the systems we have created to produce a better life for everyone could actually work.


Starvation could end. Oppression could end. Domination could end. Terrorism could end. Despoiling of the environment could end. Abject poverty could end. Worldwide self-inflicted human suffering could end.

Sadly, our dysfunctional behaviors can’t end now because they are based upon, and emerge from, a tightly held Tribal Population Configuration and a Survival of The Fittest Mentality that only a belief in Separation as a fundamental condition and aspect of life could produce.

I have mentioned this (perhaps “harped on this” would be a better term) before. We have seen that, within the human experience, where the highest value is survival of the Whole rather than survival of its Parts (as seen most often in familial groupings, racial and religious groupings, political and economic groupings, etc.), a sudden transformation takes place. So we know behavioral shift — adaptations that pull us away from our self-destructive Separation pathology — is possible.

This adaptation can now spread to include everyone on Earth.

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Source: Neale Donald Walsch