Last Chance: Sage Lavine’s Women Rocking Business PLUS Rock Your Business Toolkit!

Sage Lavine just launched her new Hayhouse book, it’s a detailed “how-to” process of how to launch a business that you love, that’s totally in alignment with women’s values.

When you pre-order her book, Women Rocking Business, you’ll get her 7-Step Rock Your Business Toolkit.

HOWEVER, her toolkit comes down in a couple days.

Click here to get Sage’s book and 7-Step ROCK YOUR BIZ Toolkit

Check it out… here’s what you get…

  1. Superpower Survey: access an incredible process for asking your friends and family, those who know you best, to help you determine your superpower.
  2. Official Mission Statement Business Template: here you’ll find special access to Sage’s in-depth mission statement template she uses with her clients, along with 25 examples of marketable mission statements her clients have tested and approved.
  3. Feminine Enrollment Client Attraction Template: this will show you how to be authentic and effective in all your enrollment conversations going forward.
  4. Your Financial Freedom Calendar: work 12 days per month or less by using this example FINANCIAL FREEDOM Calendar & Blueprint… and a downloadable template to create your own Freedom Schedule – design your ideal month!
  5. 3 Women’s Money Breakthrough Exercises: Sage’s clients tell her that these are game changers for their ability to make more AND keep more money!!
  6. Expert Interview Series: exclusive case study interviews with experts Marci Shimoff, Jeff Walker, Ocean Robbins, Justin Livingston, Margaret Lynch, Melinda Cohan and more to discover how these business building tools apply to other businesses.
  7. Missing Chapter 13: Sexual Secrets to Business Success: this chapter will help you unleash more of your sexual expression while learning how to grow your business the woman’s way… all by embodying your sexuality and enjoying your pleasure!

Click here to get Sage’s book and 7-Step ROCK YOUR BIZ Toolkit

AND…as an EXTRA BONUS, you get 2 FREE tickets to Attend the WOMEN ROCKING BUSINESS Live Event.

During this 3-day training you’ll experience the biggest business breakthrough of your LIFE and make lifelong friends with a tribe of women entrepreneurs who will hold you to your GREATNESS!

All of these bonuses go away after tomorrow…. And if Sage & her clients can build successful businesses they love – so can you.

When you pre-order Sage's book, Women Rocking Business, you’ll get her 7-Step Rock Your Business Toolkit.

About Sage Lavine

Sage Lavine trains women to build businesses that truly change the world while staying true to women’s values. She teaches women entrepreneurs to fill their practice and create sustainable financial and conscious wealth through creating a business they love.

She believes in purposeful entrepreneurship as a way to create world change toward social and ecological solutions and that every heart centered business owner who gives back through humanitarian efforts is a step in the right direction for the planet. Sage also inspires her students to love themselves and each other SO much, that we can’t help but ALL succeed… together.

Sage has an incredible international tribe of nearly 100,000 women entrepreneurs around the world, is CEO to a 7-Figure Company, Women Rocking Business and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for humanitarian projects like helping women leave abusive situations in Indonesia and start businesses, helping women restore the rainforest in the Amazon, helping the women’s shelter in Santa Cruz through Inner Light Ministries and more.

She has shared the stage with Neale Donald Walsch, Jack Canfield, Janet Attwood, Marcia Wieder and many more.