Let Your Leaves Fall: 5 Yoga Poses to Release the Old and Prep for the New

Let Your Leaves Fall: 5 Yoga Poses to Release the Old and Prep for the New
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Karson McGinley

The shift in seasons is nature’s way of reminding you to pay attention. While it seems obvious that you adjust your outer life to acclimate to the changing weather, you often forget the shift that is necessary in the inner realm when seasons change.

Yet, aligning yourself with nature helps you to live in the path of least resistance. If you really tune in to your body and spirit, you’ll notice an inner calling for a necessity to shed in the autumn season.

As you come off the hotter, fiery months of summer, days become shorter and winds become crisper. The leaves start to turn, and the dead ones fall away. Rather than fighting to hold on to them, the trees let them go, with faith that after a period of rest, new growth will appear.

So too should you embrace the cycle of letting go, rest, and rejuvenation as the year churns onward. Rather than expecting life to move at the speed of summer all year round, autumn is the time for a deliberate, yet natural unwinding. In anticipation for the socially held time of new beginnings at the New Year, autumn is the time when you begin to take stock of your life, determining what is serving you well (like a yoga regimen, dedicated meditation time, or evenings spent with friends), and what is not serving your highest good (drinking every night, going to bed too late, or succumbing to anxious thoughts).

Time to Let Go

“Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.” -Rumi

You may have heard your yoga teacher say something like, “Let go of what no longer serves you” as you move through class. While this common saying speaks truth, have you ever really contemplated what areas of your life might benefit from this philosophical idea?

It might mean something as simple as completing an out-breath in any given moment, or as complicated and thorny as walking away from an outgrown relationship. It is worth investigating though, especially as you welcome Fall back into your life. Since you have the support of Nature on your side, consider the following ways you might shed your dead leaves at this time of year:

  • Let go of grudges.
  • Forgive someone.
  • Be easier on yourself.
  • Take a break from self-improvement. Spend this season being in love with yourself exactly as you are.
  • Notice what you complain about most often, then choose to either address the root of the complaint, or vow to stop complaining all together.
  • Let go of your thoughts and feelings of insecurity. Replace them with affirmations.
  • Purify your body. Fast, cleanse, or do what is necessary to get your digestion on track.
  • Stop trying to people-please and putting other people’s needs before your own.
  • Simplify your schedule. Shed excessive socializing or over-scheduling. Prioritize.
  • Clear up your clutter. Throw things away. Even though you may correlate this activity with Spring, clearing away the brush in the Fall …read more
    Source: Deepak Chopra
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