No Regrets Today

No Regrets Today

This article is for everybody who struggles, when plans are made for beautiful and worthwhile actions in life.

Things like:

  • a visit to a live concert of your favorite band
  • a short travel to New York or another city you like
  • a long weekend only with your spouse (without the kids)

Usually people come to me and ask, how they can turn their passion into profits. But this time it´s different. I am my own problem. Realizing that hurts.

It´s Tuesday 1pm. I am sitting in my office and gazing at the wall. The slap in the face comes out of nowhere. “You should have known it better! It´s not that difficult.” I am saying to myself.

My 4 year old son Moritz, my dad and me we did our first only-male-holiday and went to the sea.

My dad loved to see his son and grandson having fun. I loved the smell of the sea and the wind going trouhg my hair. Moritz loved the cycling with us across the sand dunes.

While he was sitting on his bike seat, he was shouting orders like: “Go daddy go. Faster!” and “Hey granddad, we gonna speed off now!”

I was pedaling like mad, to be first at the top of every sand dune. The 35 pound bicycle and this screaming powerhouse in front of my handlebar had a very intense training effect.

Back then, I decided to do these man-only-trips several times during a year.

This was 2013. Today it´s November 2014 and I have to commit, that we did not went again.

Appointments, illnesses, weather, mood swings and more kept me from going again. But that still isn´t any sort of reason.

The reasons are so trivial when we postpone our projects like a two day vacation, a family getaway, dating time with our spouse or having a deep conversation with our parents.

I always waited for better weather and cheaper prices when planning our next trip to the sea. And there was one more thing.

I call this main reason the schedule-of-perfectionism.

Maybe the biggest enemy of a quick implementation is, what I often said: “Let´s have a look”.

We hope, for better circumstances. We hope to get more out of it.

We think that the actual situation is not good enough yet.

For that reason many people …

  • loose money when dealing in stocks
  • miss chances to talk to a loved one
  • are afraid of acting bold and confident

What I have learned from that? Nothing. Because i did the same mistake again.

But what I have found is a very helpful conclusion for my next trip to the sea.

What if it rains all day next time?

My son and me will have forgotten all these weekends we stood at home, when he is saying good bye at my deathbed.

But he will remember these days, we went swimming in the sea while it was raining cats and dogs. These days, we drank hot chocolate and played hide and seek all day.

These days, we ate his favorite pizza in our bathrobes while sitting on our beds and watching tv. These moments of joy and love will stay in our hearts for …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison