6 Steps To ROCK YOUR BIZ … The Woman’s Way

UPDATE: Last Chance to Get Sage Lavine’s Women Rocking Business PLUS Rock Your Business Toolkit!

Sage Lavine just launched her new Hayhouse book, it’s a detailed “how-to” process of how to launch a business that you love, that’s totally in alignment with women’s values.

When you pre-order her book, Women Rocking Business, you’ll get her 7-Step Rock Your Business Toolkit, a bonus package worth over $1,200.

HOWEVER, her toolkit comes down in a couple days.  Here’s the link to get your copy: 7-Step Rock Your Business Toolkit bonus.

Last Chance to get Sage Lavine's 7-Step Rock Your Business Toolkit

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The Free ROCK YOUR BIZ Facebook Training by Sage Lavine, CEO of Wom Rocking Business. She shares what has worked for her as she built a seven-figure business in 6-Steps to ROCK YOUR BIZ The Woman's WAY.

Did you know… in the last decade, women are starting business 1 and ½ times faster than men?

There’s a women’s business revolution going on right now and if you’re a woman, thinking of starting a business, my friend and colleague Sage Lavine just launched an amazing free training to help you be wildly successful in business without selling your soul.

Sage Lavine’s 5-Day Facebook Video Training is a STEP BY STEP System for women who want to create a thriving business on your terms, doing the work you love…the woman’s way.

Sage is here to put a stake in the ground for YOU and for every woman who wants to be wildly successful in business without selling your soul.

Join the Free ROCK YOUR BIZ Facebook Training for Women Today

You’ll get….

  • The exact steps to take to begin to monetize your gift
  • Discover your business superpower
  • How to attract your clients using your feminine power
  • The Science of Sisterhood support so you don’t have to do it alone
  • Sage’s Freedom Formula where you can learn to make 6-figures, doing work you  love, working 12 days a month or less
  • And TONS more!

Remember… women thrive in collaboration. We thrive with support.

Sage used these exact tools to go from being $35,000 in debt as a schoolteacher to having a $7-figure business, and she poured everything she learned into this book.

Grab your Spot: Women Rocking Business FREE 5-Day Training

Once you join you’ll get all the details… and all 5 trainings will be recorded.


Sage will teach you to do business from a place of collaboration rather than competition, generosity rather than greed, and empowerment rather than power over… it’s such good stuff. >> Here’s the link one more time.

Here’s to ROCKING Your Business.

Your clients are waiting.