Summertime Ayurveda for Dogs: 6 Ways to Keep Your Pup Healthy This Season

Summertime Ayurveda for Dogs: 6 Ways to Keep Your Pup Healthy This Season
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It’s that time of year again when you get to enjoy longer days, more time outdoors, and generally more space to relax and experience life’s blessings. Each season brings its gifts, as well as its challenges.

Ayurveda suggests that you make considerations for each season since they can have a strong impact on your body and mind. Being that Ayurveda is “the science of life,” its principles apply to all living things. By reflecting on this wisdom, you can gain the ability to self-manage your own well-being.

If you have a canine companion who holds a special place in your heart, it’s especially interesting and helpful to understand how the summer season affects their health and well-being as well. When you practice intentional choice-making on behalf of your beloved dog, you can support them to have a comfortable, safe, and long life.

Summertime and The Pitta Dosha

Summer is the season governed by Pitta (fire) dosha—one of the three qualities of nature that make up your mind-body constitution, as defined within the science of Ayurveda. Maybe you’re already aware of your dosha. If not, you can take a Human Dosha Quiz Here.

But did you realize that you dog has a dosha too? The same timeless principles apply to your furry friends, so by understanding the qualities of each dosha, you’re able to interpret which of them is most predominant in your dog. You can take a DOG Dosha Quiz Here to learn your dog’s type.

Ayurveda can guide you to align with nature and live in harmony with the seasons. Animals know exceptionally well how to ebb and flow with the natural progression of time, and nature overall effortlessly allows continual transformation to happen as the year unfolds. Yet humans tend to disregard the natural rhythms of change and go about their busy lives with convenience as their guiding principle. When a body/mind – whether it is human or animal – is out of harmony with its natural balance, it can and will eventually become ill.

You have choices. Free will. When you’re made aware of the ways in which you can adjust your lives to be more in tune with Mother Nature, and you make your choices accordingly, in no time at all you’re able to feel the …read more
Source: Deepak Chopra

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