The Rise of the Sober Social Scene

The Rise of the Sober Social Scene
Michelle Fondin

Movies from the 80s and 90s depicted a lot of good times associated with copious amounts of alcohol and drunkenness. Bars and pubs seemed to be the only places people ever went to have a good time. Now with coffee houses and juice bars making more appearances, gathering places without alcohol seem to be more acceptable.

There are more people doing yoga, meditation, exercising and taking care of their bodies; it just doesn’t make sense to go hang out at a bar with a drink after aligning your chakras. As a result, many millennials are creating social environments where hanging out sober is not the exception but the norm.

Not an Alcoholic, Just Sober Curious

There is a common misconception that if you don’t drink alcohol, you must be a recovering alcoholic. Many have accepted this notion in social situations; however, nothing could be further from the truth.

Many people, for one reason or another, have chosen not to drink. For some, they may have had parents or siblings who abused alcohol. For others, it may be a lifestyle choice or a choice based on religion or faith. And for those who are riding on a healthy lifestyle path, they may have chosen not to drink because they realize that it can hinder clarity of mind and manifestation of desires. Finally, many millennials are awakening to the fact that they can have fun sober—and even finding themselves having more fun sober than when inebriated.

Socializing Without Alcohol?

As a general rule, it can be difficult to find social environments where alcohol is not present. For a while even Starbucks tried to include beer and wine on the menu, but soon realized that coffee goers weren’t too keen on mixing the coffee house experience with the bar scene. Most private home parties still seem to revolve around alcohol consumption. Sporting events, theatre productions, and even movie theatres all include alcohol service. If you are genuinely looking, it’s difficult to go to a location where alcohol isn’t present.

Then the question arises, “Can I still have fun sober while in an environment where alcohol is served?” The answer I’ve found in my own experience is, “Yes.” But the truthful answer extends to a more complicated, “Yes, but…”

Choosing to be sober among others is more of a social culture choice rather than a simple lifestyle choice. If you’ve stayed sober at a bar, private party, or social event, you know what I mean. When you choose not to drink at a bar, you’re in another mental dimension in comparison to all the other people who are off in another mindset with alcohol in their bodies. Sober at a private party means you have to answer some probing questions and expose yourself to a fair amount of peer pressure. You may have even felt the pressure to drink at a work function or in an effort to …read more
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