The Secret to Your Spiritual Well-being

The Secret to Your Spiritual Well-being
Gabrielle Forleo

There is power in nature. Generally undisrupted by modern conveniences, nature offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. No cubicles, no traffic, no emails—it’s a stark departure from what modern society tends to value.

Sacred men and women throughout history have understood the power of nature, using the wilderness (whether forest, beach, or desert) to cultivate an inner spirituality that in turn makes a meaningful impact on others’ lives. It’s in the wilderness, stripped from distractions, that you face yourself and your circumstances in one of the rawest and most vulnerable ways you’ll ever experience. And it’s well worth it.

Pause for a minute (actually stop reading this article) and think about the last time you incorporated a practice solely for the sake of your spiritual life.

If you can’t remember, it’s probably time you blocked out time in your schedule for yourself. This time won’t create itself; you will need to make it a priority. Unlike physical health, which often takes precedence with exercise and healthy eating, spiritual well-being is a little more elusive and can be put on the back-burner.

Put your spiritual health at the top of your list and spend some time in nature this spring or summer. Retreats are a great way to fill your cup and come back to yourself, especially those where you get to spend time outside in nature.

This July, Deepak Chopra is heading to Banff National Park for a six-Day Signature Meditation and Yoga Retreat. If you’re looking to get away from it all—to slow down, reflect, reenergize, and create a foundation for cultivating purpose in your life—join us in Banff.

The benefits of engaging in this type of retreat are vast. From clarity to purpose, you will walk away feeling refreshed and with a renewed sense of who you are. 

Gain a Clear Sense of Direction and Purpose for Your Life

Without a clear sense of direction for your life, you can feel like you’re running a marathon with no end in sight. By tuning in to the voice of your soul and learning to attend to your innate desires, you can better lead a life of fulfillment and joy. Away from your daily distractions, you can become rooted in the knowledge that you are powerful beyond measure to fulfill any dream that lies within you.

By quieting your thoughts and attuning to your soul, you can master your ability to manifest anything. Discover the easiest way to find calm and carry it with you, so you never lose access to your true self even when life gets chaotic. When you quiet yourself, clarity comes naturally. It’s important to pay attention to what arises in the front of your mind as the noise and chaos fade away.

Manifest Your Deepest Desires

By taking the time to step away, you are better able to tap into your deepest potential to manifest your desires …read more
Source: Deepak Chopra  

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