Time for a Purpose Driven Life

SAME OLD, SAME OLD… NO MORE.  Time for a Purpose Driven Life!

January 10, 2018

It’s 2018, and I have not spoken to anyone who doesn’t want to live a fulfilling life on purpose.  Isn’t it interesting; we can move into a new year filled with hope and dreams, and then, many people lose steam in the first quarter of the year?  To live a purpose-driven life, we must be willing to move out of the same old, same old patterns, behaviors, and fear-driven actions.  We must be able to recognize the things which make us play small, and then make a conscious decision to do things differently.

I genuinely feel my life is purpose-driven.

I am in my perfect place.

I am doing things I love.

I am often reminded I cannot rest in a position of complacency as this is where old ways of being can seep in and slow down my flow, productivity, and expansion.  Living and teaching a purpose-driven life is the work I do with my clients, and I dedicate myself wholly to modeling what I teach.   (read more)


Many of us are aware of actions which do not support us.  We know these behaviors pull us off the path of purpose-driven living. However, many people tell me they aren’t always sure when those actions are slowly taking over.  Here are five things to look for when identifying old habitual lifestyle activities:

  1. Your negative self-talk becomes persistent and consistent. You are judging yourself and others harshly.
  2. You are eating food that does not support you. (Filled with sugar, carbs, and fat).
  3. You are choosing to be around people who don’t support your dreams and desires, AND you give yourself reasons why you are obliged to be with unsupportive friends or family members.
  4. You are not sleeping well. Your mind is racing, and you can’t seem to get comfortable.
  5. You are anxious and short-tempered with the people you care about most in your life.

These symptoms are asking you to pause and look within.  Now is the time to declare “Same old, Same old…. No More!  I am choosing to live a purpose-driven life, and I am unstoppable!”


Once you have made the declaration, it is time to act which will support you staying focused and clear.  You cannot just talk about change; you must change.  Now is the time to call in your support squad. These are people who see you and want you to be successful. Some are family and friends. Some are people you pay to hold you accountable.  Here is my squad for 2018.

  1. I work out with a trainer once a week and have committed to be at the gym 3-4 more times. My trainer looks at my sign-in sheet to make sure I am honoring my commitment.
  2. I joined a training program to take my coaching to the next level. We meet in person three times a year and have monthly coaching calls.
  3. I have entered into an agreement with my husband for healthy eating and keeping …read more
    Source: Cynthia James