WAHM — FREE Money Mindset Transformation Workshop Sunday the 4th

I’ve been thinking…The whole point of working at home is so you can love your life while making the money you deserve. Right?!

But something I’ve realized over my years of working from home is that it’s more about the freedom than the money… isn’t it?

Yet sometimes — and for many people in our community — the biggest roadblock to taking the leap into creating that freedom you want and deserve… is money.

The roadblock is more than money itself. It’s the fear we’ve grown accustomed to feeling when we’re on the verge of making a change. There’s so much fear on the topic of money.Will it be worth it? Will it work out? What if it doesn’t work out?

I know you might be reading this after attending the Work-At-Home Summit this past week… and you are ACHING to enroll in Work-At-Home School to take things to the next level BUT…. money.Here’s the thing:

Soooo many of us would rather stay stuck in the struggle than do anything to eliminate the struggle.It’s human nature. We naturally resist change — even when it’s good for us. Even when it’s THE THING we’ve been waiting for all along.Getting real here… how many of you grew up pinching pennies and obsessed with saving money… because we never earned enough of it. Are you still like that?

As for me… I grew up thinking that life was destined to be a constant struggle. That I’d never be free.But then I realized it didn’t have to be that way unless I let it.My friend — and brilliant businesswoman —

Caitlin Pyle is hosting her FREE Money Mindset Transformation Workshop for everyone who attended the Work-At-Home Summit this past week.Watch free here:

Here’s the link to learn more: FREE Money Mindset Transformation Workshop 

Here are some words of wisdom from Caitlin — who earns more than $200k every month working at home (which means I’m definitely listening to her!!):

To end the struggle with money forever, you’ve got to change the way you think about money — and success. This change takes place in YOU… not in your spouse, not in your hometown, not in your parents, and not in your kids.IN YOU.

Inside the Money Mindset Transformation Workshop, you’ll learn that money is a tool you can use to solve your problems… instead of seeing money as a never-ending problem.

The Money Mindset Transformation premium workshop sells every day for $97! — but Caitlin is giving it away completely free to Summit attendees.

Because the biggest thing that holds people back from their work-at-home dream is not money itself, but money mindset. It’s not how much money you have right now; it’s how you think about money.Inside this premium workshop, Caitlin covers 7 life-changing concepts about money:

  1. Why More Money Won’t Make You Happy… and What Will
  2. Money Isn’t Magic
  3. Actually, Not Having Enough Money is a Problem You CAN SOLVE
  4. Money Doesn’t Grow — It Flows
  5. If You Want to Earn More, Do This
  6. The Thing We Have That’s More Valuable Than Money
  7. When You’re Done ___________,

Keep the momentum going with this 100% free premium workshop here:

Here’s the link to learn more: FREE Money Mindset Transformation Workshop 

P.S. — Caitlin will be going LIVE Sunday afternoon around 2pm Eastern (Sunday, February 4th) inside the Work-At-Home Heroes Facebook group to discuss the topics in the workshop!

Access this workshop free for a limited time here: LINK