Why People Find it Difficult to Lose Weight

Why People Find it Difficult to Lose Weight

I see so many people trying to lose weight and either not succeeding, or losing some weight but not as much as they wanted to, or losing a lot of weight, but then spending all their time worrying it will come back and struggling to keep it off. If we are meant to be thin and fit, why does it appear to be such an onerous task for a lot of people?

Well I think that it has a lot to do with the initial motivation and focus we have for wanting to lose the weight in the first place. When examined more deeply and honestly, most people’s true motivation for losing weight is usually a negative reason, such as:

  • “So that I don’t get ill,”
  • “Because I feel unattractive as an overweight person,”
  • “Because I need to look good for my holiday/wedding,” etc.

Can you see how these reasons and others like them, have a negative air about them? It may really feel to you at the time that the intention is positive, and that losing weight would make you happier, but as long as you are using a negative to try and get somewhere more positive, it is always going to feel like a struggle, and not properly fulfill you even if you reach your original goal.

How else could we approach the problem?

To answer this question, it is helpful to look at what lies behind the feelings that are making us unhappy with our current weight in the first place, and these will usually take the form of a fear of some kind. In the examples above for instance, the fear’s would be of:

  • Becoming ill
  • Being alone/not finding a partner
  • Not being appreciated/accepted by others

Fears are what drive all of our negative thoughts and emotions, so finding them and facing and accepting them is a vital step to bringing about any sort of lasting change in ourselves and our lives. It isn’t necessary to always find the fear behind the negative reason or emotion (but can be helpful if you do see it), just becoming aware of the negative part of you that is driving your motivation to lose weight is sufficient to start to get rid of it and begin to focus on a more positive reason for losing weight, that will make the whole thing a lot easier to achieve and sustain.

Becoming aware of the negative thoughts and feelings is the first step in this process. This may be difficult for some of you, especially if you are not used to analyzing or yourself in this way, so practices like meditation and mindfulness can be helpful for calming the mind and increasing our self-awareness at a mental and emotional level. Then, using this awareness to “catch” ourselves when the negative thoughts and emotions come up in everyday life around our weight and weight loss strategy/practice.
When you do catch these thoughts/emotions, start to ask yourself what the true motivation behind them is and see if it is really helpful or not in achieving …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison