Why you need to crush your conventional self-limiting mental patterns

Why you need to crush your conventional self-limiting mental patterns
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Your willpower is a finite resource. It’s highest in the morning and gets fatigued at every decision point of your day. So choose wisely and don’t use it on choosing clothes and resisting donuts.”

Such psychology and science research make a great read.

What’s more?

To support your argument, you can throw real-life examples of the great Zucks and Obamas. They wear the same clothes every morning to conserve their mental energy. So later in the day, they have the self-control to channelize their energies towards critical decision-making.

Not so fast.

Guess what a meta-analysis of the willpower as a finite resource (called as the ego depletion theory) found?

There’s no evidence of any ego depletion. Instead, your thought of “willpower being a limited resource” actually limits it.

It’s our good old placebo effect in action:

Your thoughts and beliefs drive your behavior.

That’s why if you’re consistently falling into unproductive thinking loops of doubt and anxiety, then you’re sabotaging the ‘possibilities of your life.’ Hang on; I’ll expand on this idea. Later in the article, we’ll also see a stupidly simple way to overcome doubt and self-limiting behaviors.

1. Inaction restricts your life!

A major reason that most of us procrastinate on important tasks is that they require us to move out of our comfort zones. In doing so, we need to overcome doubts and insecurities.

Your fears hold you from taking an imperfect action step. But does the delay guarantee your best work?

In the fast-moving digital world, you need to keep up and make rapid decisions despite insufficient information. Every second of lazy leisure due to fear only adds mental baggage. So you can’t view yourself skeptically at every point.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos mentions the importance of moving forward with 70% of information at hand. If he waits to gather 100% information, the opportunity cost that Amazon would have to pay as a business is huge. They would rather course correct later after taking an action step.

Even as an individual, you need to cultivate an aggressive action-taking appetite like Amazon. You’ve incredible access to information. The economy is in the best shape. And although we’re living in a time of tremendous competition, we also have ample opportunities.

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The reality is, doubt isn’t an obstacle that you need to overcome once in life. You’ll have to center your emotions every day. Even the successful battle impostor’s syndrome.

Time spent dwelling on your skills can turn wasteful if you don’t take action during that doubtful period. It robs you of the other possibilities that you can achieve by putting in the dirty work.

Move forward despite doubt because that’s the only aspect under your control. Which brings me to my second point:

2. Let the luck suck it up…

You may be the kind of guy that never wins the toss. Your fate always gets the better of you, and that becomes the deciding factor in success.

So when you approach a new task, the memories of your previous losses hoard back. You sweat out, fearing that your …read more
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